Thursday, June 14, 2007


As I have mentioned in one of my simple pleasure posts, I am a really big fan of the series Grey's Anatomy. The writing is wonderful, very insightful. I always find something that I can really get into. But, right now I am a little frustrated with the powers that be at ABC.

Isiah Washington will not be returning as the very talented and strong ego ed Dr. Preston Burke. This was not his decision. He was told by the creator of the show,Sondra Rhimes, in a reported tear full phone call that he was out.

The decision was made by ABC Studios President Mark Pedowitz, Entertainment President Stephen McPherson, and Disney ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney.

ABC had better give a more detailed reason for letting Isiah go. I know, he said a word that revered to gays in a bad way. He also apologized, he apologized to GLAAD, he filmed a public service announcement for GLAAD, he made a public donation to one of his favorite charities. He did everything the network asked him to do. He even went to counseling.

I think it is unfair that he has lost his job and we have lost a great character over this. People are shouting about having tolerance toward people and there differences but then don't offer that tolerance to the people they are shouting about.

Isiah did a stupid thing,well two stupid things. But, he has gone the extra mile and then some to make up for it and he still gets the boot. I think it would be awesome if T.D. Knight would come to his defense and extend a hand to him. Nothing would speak louder than the act of the person offended offering forgiveness and tolerance to the offender. It would also be very healing for both of these fine actors.

Look, people are going to say and do stupid things. Comments will be made, but you don't have to take them so personally. You need to learn not to let these things control your life and how you see yourself.

This is just my opinion.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


All right, I usually don't get real riled up about some things. But, this just cheeses me off.

Paris Hilton has been released from jail after serving three days. During that time, she wouldn't eat much of the prison food given her, her cell was too bright and cold for her to sleep and she spent much of the second day there crying.

They offered her house arrest and she has to wear an ankle bracelet and not leave her home.

Idiots. What kind of precedence are they setting with letting her do that? Would they give the average Joe or Joan the same treatment. Hell no!! They would say, "Suck it up! You broke the rules, now pay for it. Eat the food, or starve a little. You'll eat eventually."

I hope she was traumatized enough that she will start behaving herself. Yeah, I hear ya, fat chance of that happening. She plays on her "I'm Rich!" fame to get what she wants. I'd turn her over my knee and spank her little behind if I didn't think she would enjoy it. Or sue me. There is going to be a deluge of prisoners who will try the same tactic, you just watch.


Well, what do you know!? Other people were a little ticked off about this as well.
Seems like the judge didn't like the fact that the Sheriff seemed to skip a step in the move to let Paris serve her sentence at her three million dollar home. Namely , getting the medical release papers to the Judge for his approval. Reading the story on CNN yesterday, they still hadn't gotten to him.

She may still get out early, but at least she will have spent more than three days in jail. Ya got to be careful with that fame thing. She is a fickle friend. Sometimes she can turn on you and bite you right in the behind.

You must admit though, she handled it well. Yea, crying and screaming for Mommy. Oh, well.

My friend in the know, Side Notes, said something interesting. Paris tried to use her fame to get better treatment. Her little game didn't work, so she shouldn't be surprised when it backfired and got even worse treatment.

Oh, and they put her in a mental unit. Wow!!

Monday, June 4, 2007


I am sitting here watching the movie Accepted,about a young man who starts his own college because he didn't get in to a real college. What is really tickling me right now is that the star of the movie Justin Long, stars in some other very short films. His most famous line is "Hello, I'm a Mac." Which leads me to my simple pleasure.

I really enjoy going to and watch the Mac commercials on the web. Yes, I do most of my computer stuff on a Mac. Right now I am on a Dell lap top, but beggars can't be choosers. I have worked on both, but I really like the Mac best. I just love these commercials. They are very well written,rather accurate on what they cover, and just plain funny.

Back to the movie Accepted. Lewis Black plays a burned out college professor who takes the position of fake dean. Black is one of my favorite comedians. He pulls no punches and nobody is safe from his barbs. One of my favorite lines of his is about soy milk. "There is no soy milk, because there is no soy titty."

Another of my favorite comedians is Christopher Titus. he has a stand up show called Norman Rockwell is Bleeding. He talks about his family, which is very screwed up. BUT, he was able to share it in joke form.

My family has it's own little quirks, but being able to laugh about it keeps me from falling into a blue funk and on a bunch of meds.

One final pleasure. Hersey's Treasures Special Dark Truffles. Yum!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Official

So, I'm sitting in front of the computer this morning, eating my Raisin Bran cereal, and cruising my usual blog reads when I finally get to Mathman's Ramblings. To my shock and surprise, there is a posting about my blog and he created a link to it.

This evening I check out my own blog and I see he has commented about my second entry.
It is now official, I have got a comment from someone I read. (no offense Side Notes, you helped me start this thing so you knew about it) I have also been linked. Cool! Now I really need to start getting this thing figured out and do some links and stuff of my own. Baby steps.

Oh, and thanks for the props Mathman!!