Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama needs to follow his own rules

Well, the "stimulus package" (though I find it very full of earmarks), has finally passed the House and Senate and will be on it's way to the Presidents desk for signing.

I question whether President Obama is going to follow the rules he set up for himself. Or, like some lawyers(not every lawyer) do, they create an out for themselves and only apply the rules to others. He said when a bill comes to him, he will post it on the White House web site for five days to give "the people" a chance to read and comment on it before he signs or vetos. Nice idea. I hope he does it with this piece of legislation. It is one of the most influential pieces of legislation, I think, to ever be created. It is going to affect lives generations from now, and may change our country forever, and not in a good way. Having said that, I doubt he will give "the people" a chance to really read what is in this thing. His back door will be, it's an emergency, and I have to sign it now. Just trust me. So much for transparency in this new presidency.

Here is a big beef I have right now though. I read this on the CNN web site and thought this was kind of setting up a bad presidence.

The vote by the Senate took several hours longer than a simple roll call of its 100 members generally would. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, attended a wake for his mother until about 8 p.m. Friday.

Voting began about 5:30 p.m. Then, the Senate chamber sat nearly empty until Brown arrived to vote about five hours later.

He was flown from Ohio to Washington on a plane provided by the White House, which said no commercial flights were available that would have allowed Brown to cast a vote and return to Ohio in time for his mother's funeral Saturday.

Now remember all the CEO's coming to Washington getting there tongue lashings from the Congress for using private jets, and they were basically told they should use commercial flights or other means to travel? Well....... I guess our government doesn't have to follow it's own recommendations that it has for how private citizens run their business, and they can do private flights any time they want. On our tax dollar dime, I might add. I know, I sound like a hard nose. "The man was at his mother's funeral. How could you be so mean. There was no other way for him to get back to Washington, vote, and then return for the funeral on a domestic flight."

Ya know what, CEO's have emergency meetings too. They have important and vital business to attend to, or have others that work for them that have business to do. Don't they have the right, especially since it is on "their dime" to use their planes how they see fit? Is this a case of "do as I say, not as I do"?

I think it is a case of " you hate in others what you see in yourself".

We really need to keep a really close eye on Washington D.C., and make sure they stick to their rules. Especially the transparency, the chance to read legislation before signing, and ethics.... Now that is another post I may get to sometime.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's been a long time, but I have something to say now.

I know I haven't been here for a while. Been living on Facebook, but feel this is a better place to put this out there so more people might see it. It is an article I read on CNN.
In case you want to see it yourself. Here is what it is about. The GOP has released the items on the stimulus package they feel shouldn't be in it. I totally agree. The majority of this stuff will not create jobs and will not stimulate the economy.

$2 billion earmark to re-start FutureGen, a near-zero emissions coal power plant in Illinois that the Department of Energy defunded last year because it said the project was inefficient.

• A $246 million tax break for Hollywood movie producers to buy motion picture film.

• $650 million for the digital television converter box coupon program.

• $88 million for the Coast Guard to design a new polar icebreaker (arctic ship).

• $448 million for constructing the Department of Homeland Security headquarters.

• $248 million for furniture at the new Homeland Security headquarters.

• $600 million to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees.

• $400 million for the Centers for Disease Control to screen and prevent STD's.

• $1.4 billion for rural waste disposal programs.

• $125 million for the Washington sewer system.

• $150 million for Smithsonian museum facilities.

• $1 billion for the 2010 Census, which has a projected cost overrun of $3 billion.

• $75 million for "smoking cessation activities."

• $200 million for public computer centers at community colleges.

• $75 million for salaries of employees at the FBI.

• $25 million for tribal alcohol and substance abuse reduction.

• $500 million for flood reduction projects on the Mississippi River.

• $10 million to inspect canals in urban areas.

• $6 billion to turn federal buildings into "green" buildings.

• $500 million for state and local fire stations.

• $650 million for wild land fire management on forest service lands.

• $1.2 billion for "youth activities," including youth summer job programs.

• $88 million for renovating the headquarters of the Public Health Service.

• $412 million for CDC buildings and property.

• $500 million for building and repairing National Institutes of Health facilities in Bethesda, Maryland.

• $160 million for "paid volunteers" at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

• $5.5 million for "energy efficiency initiatives" at the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration.

• $850 million for Amtrak.

• $100 million for reducing the hazard of lead-based paint.

• $75 million to construct a "security training" facility for State Department Security officers when they can be trained at existing facilities of other agencies.

• $110 million to the Farm Service Agency to upgrade computer systems.

• $200 million in funding for the lease of alternative energy vehicles for use on military installations.

Please people, pay attention to what is going on. Obama said he was against earmarks. What do you call this? He said he was against "political pork". What is all this stuff then? Now "he" is using commercials to try to force the Republicans who represent us to cow down to what he wants.

I say this to Grassley McCain and all the other Republicans in Washington D.C., Keep it up. Don't back down. If it is such a great bill, let the Dems have all the credit. Then when it falls flat on it's face, you can honestly say I told you so. Keep fighting for us, even though some of us don't realize that you are.

I'm sure I'll get some comments from my Democratic friends....... that's why I did it here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Listen to a brand new citizen of the U.S.

I found this by accident and thought it was so great that I would attempt to post it here. Yeah! It worked!!

Now Craig Ferguson is a little, how do I say it, odd. But I feel he nails it right on the head.
Great to see someone so excited to be a citizen of the U.S.A.

Add on: For those of you who don't know, Craig just recently became a citizen of this country. He is originally from Scotland. (I believe that is right because of his cute accent)

Monday, September 1, 2008

To the National Media: BACK OFF!!

The summer has gone by very quickly, it seems. I haven't touched my blog since mid June.
FYI, didn't get any water in the house. The pump ran a lot for a while, but we stayed high and dry and got the freezers back in the basement. I decided to write something now because of some thing going on with the national media.

McCain has chosen a women as his running mate. This is incredible. History has been and will be made at the end of this election. We will either have the first black president or the first female vice-president.

News broke today that McCain's choice for his running mate has a 17 year old daughter that is 5 months pregnant. This is what I want to say to the national media:

BACK OFF!!! What is your problem? This very young woman has made a life changing decision, a CHOICE for you Democrats and Independents. She didn't have an abortion, she CHOSE to have the baby and is hoping to marry the young man who is the father. You keep harping on about what the conservative Republicans are going to feel about it. Oh, what a horrible thing. I think the Republicans will stand with her and support her in her decision.

Obama has even made a very strong statement that families are off limits. I hope he sticks to that better than he did about campaign financing.

But the media says, Oh, what else hasn't she told us? Ya know, McCain knew about the daughter before he chose Palin as his running mate. If you think you are going to find a squeaky clean candidate, you are living in a fantasy world. Everyone has something, big or small in there closet, including all of you at CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, and anyone else out there who is waving an "Oh, my God! How can this be." flag.

This young lady made a huge decision that is going to change her life in a major way. She made a CHOICE. That should appeal to a lot of people. She has the support of her family. Hopefully she has the support of the father of her child and his family as well. I do not think this is going to affect Palin's ability to serve as vice-president.

Things happen. A persons integrity is shown and can be judged by what they do after things happen. That goes for Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden, and everyone else in this world of ours.

Rant ended.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, this has been a he** of a week. It started out all right, I guess. Was painting up in a salon in Cedar Rapids Monday evening. Was in a lot of pain the next day, but good work.

On Tuesday Marco Polo and I went to a gentleman's house to help put his air conditioner back together, and since he was so close, we went to the reservoir to see if it had gone over the spillway. It was inches away. It went over later that night. Thanks Army Cor of Engineers.

Then, Tuesday evening my neighbor who happens to be a deputy sheriff pulled up while I was out in the yard and said we, as in the town of Tiffin, would be getting some water and that sandbagging was going to start on Wednesday.

I live in a duplex type dwelling. Our houses kind of butt up to each other instead of side by side. Makes my place look like a free standing home on the corner. The other part behind me is several yards from this creek that runs the whole length of the street and then some. Usually it is rather quiet and is not much of a threat. Now there is the possibility of the Iowa River backing up into Clear Creek, then backing into this creek and causing a lot of flooding.

During the 500 year flood,(which by the way, happened in 1993. That's a short 500 years.) this area in which I live was still undeveloped. Now, with all the fill and the building and the additional building that Coralville has done. (note: the hill that was moved from the north side of the road to the flood plain on the south so they could build a Lowe's. Plus the mall and other business literally built in the flood plain, not to mention the Marriott) I fear that my street may be in trouble.

Many of us from town helped build a sand bag wall behind the houses lining the creek. Great stretching lifting, cardio and weight workout, but when my heart rate reached 144 I knew I had to stop or drop.

Anyway, the kicker to this is that I have a basement. Not a walk-in, a real basement. We have a sup pump that we recently replaced with a more powerful one, and it is keeping up with the rain water quite well. The problem is that I have two window wells in the basement. If the water starts going through the low place between my house and the house just north of us, it might just think that low spot in the window well would be a great place to go and make an unwanted indoor pool. (no jokes here people, it really isn't funny).

Soooo, I have been sandbagging and putting up plastic. The window well on the north end has coragated steel around it also so that might help. Major kudos to my work buddy Marco Polo who has been helping me in this endevour. He came up with the steel idea. I am hoping we won't have to test it out.

Now, the next job is to get the really important stuff out of the basement. I have two freezers. One if full of beef and the other has home grown chickens, some pork, pizza meatballs pies etc... Those are a priority. Washer/dryer, micro wave oven, actually two, one with a broken door handle,exercise bike, computer, video tapes, books and on and on and on.

I also have a generator to run the pumps in case of a power outage. Yes, I used the plural, pumps. I have a bucket with a whole lot of holes in it in the north window well and if water starts building there, I can pump it out.

My foundation is pretty high, so if I can keep the water from coming into the windows, I stand a real fighting chance. Some other things have been working in the city of Tiffin's favor as well. The Iowa river has a very strong flow and it seems to be literally sucking the water from Clear Creek. The other is not so good for Coralville. A levi was breached near 1st ave so the baseball fields and businesses in that area are getting more water than expected. Bad for them, good for Tiffin. The water can spread out more. At least quite a bit of the area there is baseball and soccer fields.

Poor Cedar Rapids!! Elis Island just looks like someone just dropped a couple buildings in the middle of a very large river. 380 is the only way to get from one side of town to the other. Highway 30 east is closed, 965 between North Liberty and Swisher is closed, Hwy 1 near Mt. Vernon is closed.... It is very difficult to get around.

I don't know how many people read this, but whoever you are, send up a little prayer for the people effected by this flooding going on in Iowa and pray that the rain will stop for a while so things can settle down. I would really like to keep my basement dry. Thanks so much. ;-)

I will try to keep all of you posted.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


So, I'm flipping through my favorite blogs, checking up on all my favorite reads. Dweezes said something that really tickled me, so I responded. Went to Law and Disorder to read about the pains of tearing up carpeting. Then I went to Mathman.

His wife got a new position in Minnesota and they will be moving very soon. I wanted to comment, but didn't know what to say. I have never met him, but have enjoyed reading his blog and sharing thoughts about things.

I wish you and your family the best of luck in your new life experience. Oh, are you still going to do the biking across Iowa thing?

Hope you keep up the blog, how else will Space Monkey and the rest of us know how you are doing?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Arby's buying Wendy's

When I am at my job of working with a friend of mine fixing up a house in C.R., we usually go to his favorite place for lunch. Wendy's. Now, I really like Wendy's. They have great food, and good selection and I really like there fries.

Now I read that Arby's parent company has finally succeeded in buying Wendy's. Dave Thomas's daughter doesn't seem too happy about it.

They are a great chain, and have a great story behind there beginnings. I worry that they will loose there uniqueness or disappear totally. I would start going to Burger King before I would start frequenting Arby's or the golden arches of McDonald's.

Arby's is all right if all you want is variations on the same theme. McDonald's though, yuck. The last time I was there to have a meal I was really disappointed. I must say though, the fries are still quite good. But one does not live on fries alone. I'm sure you could, but I don't think I could stand it that long.

Wendy's burgers, Chicken, fish and salads are the tops in my book and I hope this will not change them out of existence.